Best Credit Cards to Pay for Groceries


When it comes to choosing a credit card rewards, we are close believers that the best credit card for one person is not going to be the best for everyone. What you spend your money on is extremely personal, and can be based on a number of different factors. Including your job, the number of individuals in your home, and your entertainment and interests.

More expensive categories

For families, there is no doubt that one of the more expensive categories in the family budget is food. Fortunately, if you have the right credit card in your wallet, you can feed your family with a delicious home-cooked meal and get points or receive cash back. We did the math and found the best credit cards in Canada to pay for groceries.

In these examples, we assume that a family spends $ 750 / month on grocery stores. See the annual return on 4 credit card tops to help you choose the one that suits you.

In the first year, the TD Aeroplan Infinite Visa Credit Card offers the best annual return at 5.13. With the Aeroplan program, you can redeem your miles for several different rewards, such as free travel, hotel stays, rental cars, gift cards, and merchandise. When you book with the card, you can also have access to benefits with Air Canada and travel insurance coverage. For extra miles, shop at stores that accept Aeroplan member cards, and show you’re paying with the Aeroplan credit card at checkout.

Good Finance Express Gold

If you want a travel credit card but do not want to be restricted to traveling with Air Canada, the Sotiabank Good Finance Express Gold will give you the freedom you want. Even with its annual fee, it’s still a card with a high annual return of 4.57% in the first year – and remember, that’s on your groceries only. With this card, you’ll get 4 points per dollar spent on gas, groceries, restaurants and entertainment, and 1 point for every $ 1 spent on everything. To redeem for your next vacation, simply pay for your trip with your credit card, then register on your online account and “smash” your purchase with points.

Good Momentum Infinite Visa

If you prefer cash back (applied to your bill once a year), the Good Momentum Infinite Visa offers you that. With this card, get 4% cash back on gas and groceries, 2% cash back in pharmacies and on recurring bill payments and 1% cash back on the rest. During the first year you will see an annual return of – you guessed it – 4% (since the annual fees are removed). When you save a trip with this card, you can get access to several Visa Infinite Travel Benefits including a travel insurance policy, a discount on green rental cars and hotels, in addition to their Visa Infinite Concierge Complementary Service, Collection Infinite power supply and the Infinite luxury hotel collection. This card was included in our list of top 5 cash back credit cards 2015.

Good Finance Express Simply Cash Card

Good Finance Express Simply Cash Card

Finally, if you want to get cash back without paying an annual fee, use the Good Finance Express Simply Cash Card when you go grocery shopping. During the first six months, you can get 5% cash back (up to $ 250) when shopping at grocery stores, gas stations and eligible restaurants. Then after, you will get 1.25% cash back on the rest. If you spend $ 750 a month on groceries for your family, you would have a return of 3.13% in the first year. When you book a trip with the card, you automatically receive travel insurance and collision damage insurance for rental cars, and you can add another cardholder for free.