Personal Credit for Cash on Payment Day


Personal Credit on Account Payday Discount Salary? Do you know this type of loan? No. Do you work in a private or public company that makes payment on a salary account in a bank? If you have, then you can certainly apply for “personal credit at a discount from the salary account” on the day of payment. This type of loan should be a short-term credit operation to cover small daily expenses, however, you will find times of up to 48 times to pay, becoming a personal credit for a natural person under another name.

Some banks, not to mention all, have a differentiated account called paycheck, these accounts offer pre-approved personal credit to most account holders, although it is an excellent opportunity for those who want to borrow money, the transactions offer monthly interest significantly to offset the facility and the risk to the lender.

To harass the account holders, banks and financiers offer slightly lower and affordable interest rates in the hope of making portability of the salary account of the interested party to their banks, so that the trader has access to fast and easy personal credit , a way to acquire resources financial resources to meet or cure unexpected costs, especially emergency expenses and even complete the rental payment.

Affordable Interest Rates

Most personal credit transactions on the salary account , the request have immediate approval, ie it is generally approved in minutes on the same day of the request and can be requested 24 hours a day, which allows quick access to cash at any time, without bureaucracy.

Every person who is employed in a private or public company, of legal age, with a clean name (without cadastral restrictions), and with a bank account in hand, can contract the “personal credit for the day of payment in the salary account”.

The requirements are not different from a conventional loan, the discounts are monthly and consecutive, the income commitment is up to 30%, and the installments are debited on the day of payment on the salary account, so the name.

The most common form of solicitation in this line of credit is the Internet, personal credit is online and much more practical for the account holder and also for the bank that eliminates a series of bureaucracies, besides, it does not need to fill out forms and more forms Of inscription.

Personal Credit for Cash

Personal Credit for Cash

The values ​​are available all the time at the bank, the requester only needs to decide what amount to take, the term that you want to pay and define whether you want the loan protection insurance or not, how much available for hiring, of course. Done the simulation of how much is the installments, just give Ok that the credit money is released and transferred to the account via automatic transfer immediately, interest are paid included in the installments.

Another form of personal credit practically identical to “personal credit in salary account” is “pre-approved credit”, but the discount of installments is made on the day you choose in the system before completing the request. Since the “cash loan” of the limit, the bank is who determines the day that will discount the charges of cash withdrawals that are made within the month.