Small Loans for Pensioners – The Loan for Me


Even a pensioner may need a small loan for his needs: a medical expense to be paid, a home appliance to buy, a vacation. For every money requirement, there are special offers designed specifically for pensioners who need a small amount of money.

Small loans for pensioners inps are designed precisely for those retired INPS who need small amounts of money to meet the needs of everyday life. The pension is a secure income and for this reason more and more banks are willing to give pensioners a small loan, thanks to the guarantee that the pension represents. Indeed, credit institutions tend to consider retirement income as the absolute safest for this there are so many interesting products.

How to ask them?

To obtain the Small loans for pensioners inps in general it is sufficient to have available, as documents, the valid identity document, the tax code, the pension slip and the statement of the last 6 months that is not always requested, but in case it is better to have it with you. Bringing all the necessary documents to the bank, you can start the loan request as soon as possible and therefore you can get the liquidity as soon as possible. Once you have applied for the Small loans for pensioners, you will only have to wait for the bank or the financial company to carry out all the necessary checks on the documents and then agree to grant the money.

Loans with fifth assignment

A common way to apply for small loans for pensioners inps is that of INPS loans for pensioners with a salary assignment. We know that the retirement grant is a valid, fast and safe way to get a loan even if you have complained. How to get a small loan for retired INPS with a salary-backed loan? The best thing to do is to contact INPS asking for the transferability of the pension . In general, where the credit institution for which the Small loan for pensioners inps is asked to have an agreement with INPS, the communication is done ex officio.

The document in question shows the maximum rate of the installment on the pension (which must not exceed 20% of the net pension). Then all the necessary documents are brought, such as slip, identity card and social security number.

The signature of the insurance coverage in the event of death is signed, more often than not. The fifth assignment on the pension generally does not exceed 120 installments and is granted to pensioners up to 90 years at the time of the end of the loan.