Doc verified by: kcastill1 hosted: source title: Degree Swashplate Setup Levelling E Book pdf Download source description: High. · visit The swash. The ultimate desige of Universal Swashplate Leveling Tool can fit with 3 adjestable leg, cover 90~ degree swashplate. ‘ CCPM. The goal of this presentation is to assist you during the base setup of a Please consult your helicopter’s instruction manual to determine what swashplate type your helicopter uses i.e. 90, , , or * degree swashplate pictured. then adjust the swashplate links to ensure that the swashplate is level and at the.

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Additionally, several servos working in unison ex: What should you alter to adjust the setyp midpoint in OpenTX? Dave – United Kingdom. Within 30 minuets of reading then applying what I learned, my scale Hughes C flew for the first time, a nice stable hover and the motor never went above deg F despite having 4 blades to swing.

The reverses will be dealt with later. Skip to secondary content. Swash ring ensures the combination of aileron and elevator STICKSexcluding trim, are no more than the distance specified from the center.

You have a gift for explaining technical subjects and you shouldn’t sell yourself short with that skill. I even learned a few basic swashplate tips I was not aware of before, but all your flybarless procedures are what I was most impressed with. You have done it again!

Now if we 10 aileron left positivecyc1 will stay level, cyc2 will go up positivecyc3 will go down negative. Payment can be made with any major credit card or through PayPal.

Cyclic, Collective Pitch Mixing controlling the swash plate movement using only servos and no other mechanical method. In OpenTX, you can reverse the inputs of aileron, elevator or collective. Swashplate leveling tool, for instance; my buddies have all been just eye-balling the rigging and wondering why they fight with trim all the time. So all 3 or more servos together control the cyclic, so cyclic servos. If you don’t have a PDF reader you can download one for free from Adobe. My heli setup is fine.


For a PDF copy of this lesson, click here: Since I started following your Flight school, I have only crashed once, and that was because I got too giddy and forgot to set the timer Next, center the collective and test nose up, nose down on the elevator control. Tail degrer should be faster again 0. Use the Servo page to adjust min and max servo values for cyclic servos to obtain desired min and max collective pitch remove the zeroing out of cyc1, cyc2 and cyc3.

Most like cyclic servos to move a little faster at around 0. At least I now know that Levleling will get that part right. Here are a few links that might come in handy: Thanks again for the help. Home Site Map Version 2 v2.

Swashplate Setup & Levelling eBook

None means no mix the normal. Denver Yarroll – United States. I’ve actually been flying helicopters for almost as long as you have and consider myself a good pilot and knowledgeable.

It of course depends on the specific swashplate, but levrlling will get a good idea of how to size your homemade levelling tool no matter what size machine you have I knew methodologies and tools and procedures that only a sparse few of my acquaintances in RC had any idea about Servo binding is when the servo meets resistance by hitting a physical limit. I purchased your e-book last week and firstly enjoyed reading it through before starting work.

The most important part is that the CYC1 channel is the one that controls the swash point on the center line of the model. If you are always dependent wetup someone else for swash setup, it really takes the joy out of the hobby; never mind missing out on the wonderful feeling of accomplishment once you fully understand the process as you strive for setup perfection.

To be honest I didn’t really take it seriously until he had his maiden flight on his brand new Trex Too slow and the controls will feel sloppy. My Raptor’s setup instructions on the swashplate is contained in one paragraph. You are a superstar!!


CCPM for Taranis

Hello John, I estup don’t leave feedback, but seutp getting your swashplate ebook a week or so ago, I thought I should let you know how much I have enjoyed it and how much it has helped me out. If you need to limit the results of the CCPM mix, it is done in the Servos tab and is done so evenly.

First test up and down. Do not move to full limits of the sticks when doing this as the servo weights have not been set.

First we need to program swaehplate the lack of weighting in the CCPM mix issue — https: I have since purchased your other 2 e-publications and am enthused by the setup and tips for series heli’s. From this, for CCPMyou also note that cyc1 is directly related to elevator and not concerned with aileron. Collective is the angle of the main blades. These need to be assigned to channels in the mixer. It’s like flying a totally different helo!

Standard Tech Operation – Universal Swashplate Leveling Tool US$

I also do the same for throttle. In older helicopters, cyclic used to just change the angle of the swash plate using 2 servos one lateral, one horizontal and a separate mechanical servo used to raise and lower the entire swash cyclic mechanism.

Strictly speaking, cyclic is the combination of Setpu and Elevator. You can build your own we will get to that in Chapter 3 or purchase one. Can anyone help to fill in for future easy reference. I will show you what’s in the swashplate setup eBook by way of excerpts taken from the eBook, the table of contents, ordering information, and some testimonials at the bottom of the page.