Dialogues on the process of awakening shakti towards inner consciousness while performing Yoga. Documents Similar To A Guide to Shaktipat. MaHa Yoga eBook. Uploaded by. Eva Wright. Mystery of Shaktipat. Uploaded by. Shatis Apte. A Guide to Shaktipat Swami Shivom Uploaded by. ionpopescu · Life and Vision of Vedic Seers Satya Prakash Singh Volume 1 Visvamitra. Uploaded by.

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A Guide to Shaktipat

In fact, all spiritual practices aim at awakening Shakti and making it introspective. It appears that the place of aspiration has a great bear ing in this system.

As long as Kundalini is not awakened, automatic practices which represent the internal sacrifice do not replace external sacrifice. Share our website with your friends. He should cultivate the habit of minimum use of things in the Ashram and remain prepared to sacrifice them for others. Shaktipat is a means of awakening the Shakti towards inner consciousness and to make it perform automatic movements Kriyas. He was following the spiritual course to the extent his worldly duties would permit him.

This is all for checking further growth of bondage. Therefore, its other name is Siddha-yoga, or “the self-proven path of meditation.

She is the Goddess in heaven and mistress in the home. It may appear as if a spirit has entered the body, but it shaktipst only the result of the charging of the internal energy which has been activated for the welfare of the disciple. Surrender to the will of the Guru, in whom the disciple has faith, is ehaktipat essential. With the purification shaltipat your Chinaconcentration will soon come, but you should not stop just here.


One important factor which needs to be kept in mind is that the Yogic Chakras are never physical parts of the human body. One does not seek the support of another mind, it is given. While coming to Dewas, with the couple of rupees remaining from the forty rupees I was given, I had bought a small metal pot for water and a towel.

A Guide to Shaktipat – Swami Shivom Tirth – Google Books

Eventually that day dawned. What preparation should the disciple make before ap proaching the Guru for initiation? The two were one and the gkide.

Even if the aspirant dies before he attains the state of Samadhi, the Kundalini still remains awakened. The customs and practices, eating habits, clothing, language — everything was so different from Punjab. This website contains hundreds of pages of information for people who want to become enlightened. Later, in the beginning of the chapter on spiritual practices, Sadhana Pada, Patanjali mentions Kriya Yoga for the first time.

My initiation and the science of shaktipat

It has been mentioned in the literature of the Shaktipat system that the Mantra, its governing god and the Guru are all one and the same. Naturally there are repentences in such people and they consequently suffer a lot. As I thought about this my pride awakened.


There are hardly one or two instances known when an aspirant has been able to awaken his Shakti by personal efforts. Anahat Chakra makes one hear sounds, Vishuddha is responsible for crying, laughing or weeping.

An ordinary man lives within bondage of the world and he is attached and tied with the objects of the world. These are not the actual Dharmas tendencies of syaktipat man.

Vaishnava Tantra is now nearly extinct and only the Shaiva and Shakta Tantras are available. These impressions do not become thinned out through madness, whereas in sadhan they come to an end. It may be thus concluded that it is not only in the human heart or shaktlpat body that the divine power needs to be found and experienced. Broadly speaking, the whole world is Maya or illusion. Answer The best, average, poor and worst are the four categories of aspirants.