A Sombra do Vento (Portuguese Edition) [Carlos Ruiz Zafón] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Edição Especial dos três primeiros livros da . Sombra do Vento, A [Carlos Ruiz Zafon] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A Sombra do Vento (Portuguese Edition) [Carlos Ruiz Zafón] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Mais de 25 MILHÕES de leitores. A Sombra .

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But problems arise when, as the years go by, it becomes apparent that someone wants to make sure that all of Carax’s books are not just forgotten, but utterly destroyed. View all 22 comments.

A Sombra Do Vento

This book was one such venture having seen a bunch of my Goodreads friends give this book effusive praise the fact that I could borrow it form the library for free veno hurt either. There he is allowed to choose one book that he will “adopt” and take care of, making sure it is never forgotten. Those first images, the echo of words we think we have left behind, accompany us throughout our lives and sculpt a palace in our memory to which, sooner or later—no matter how many books we read, how many worlds we discover, or how much we learn or forget — we will return.

Step by step the narrative split into a thousand stories, as if it had entered a zaafon of mirrors, its identity fragmented into endless reflections. The story itself was as much a mystery about the fate of a little known author named Juilian Carax as it was a coming of age story about the protagonist Daniel. He trysts with love in ways that the formulizers of Hollywood romances should distill and bottle—for the betterment of their own product.

I see how amazingly it is. Whatever it was, it was enough to make me lose myself completely in the rich setting of midth century Barcelona, in the zaffon of seductive dangerous power of literature and perils and passions of young love, a “Books are mirrors: The lead story went on about the greatness of national public works as yet more proof of the glorious progress of the dictatorship’s policies.


Thank you Stjepan for a great recommendation: The character of Fermin is a wonderful creation and worth reading the book for alone. Some of said poignant and well worded prose: Upon reading the novel, Daniel is so intrigued by the beauty of this “forgotten” book that he goes about on a search for any other works of the same author: You have to go for it. The bad guys are suitably despicable and the heroes almost impossible not to cheer on. And the pervasive sharp humor makes the story euiz self-aware of its own stylized nature, making the elements that can ruuz turn annoying into fascinating bits instead.

Oct 14, J.

Like a thief, a hooker, zaofn a lottery vendor: You may have heard of him. Too much stories that split of the main plot just as the protagonist described The Shadow of the Wind he has read.

In he published the novel La sombra del viento The Shadow of the Windhis first ‘adult’ novel, which has sold millions of copies worldwide. I loved his character, and I hope that maybe we might see more of him, perhaps? I found myself reading passages countless times just to savor the words. Throw off these morbid thoughts and get some fresh air. Reading it is a quite an experience.

View all 10 comments. The more Daniel learns about Carax, the more he realizes the similarities and parallels between his own life and that of the author. Narrated by a young Daniel Sempere, it chronicles his transformation from a child to a young man in a Francoist post-war Spain, his loves and obsessions, his brushes with the world of mysteries and reality – both of these worlds equally dangerous and fascinating.

The line between past and present love is crossed while love seems to demand almost similar sacrifices and even step aside for the bigger purpose, becoming the biggest threat and danger.

The Shadow of the Wind Literary Tour – Icono Serveis

Despite the fact that even now many of the plot points are fading from memory, The Shadow of the Wind never flagged in interest. God, this part always touching me deeply and dreading me As well Desde entonces no me llaman la atencion las novelas historicas. The sneaks peaks into Spanish Civil War, the fighters for freedom of native land, the fanatic dictator and the effects of these on ordinary people and their lives.


Despite the fact that none of it could be as good as its opening chapter, The Shadow of the Wind had me jumping for opportunities to read more of it. It’s possibly the book that most summer reading aspires to be.

So the atmosphere of the book is one of subtle fear of the police, who have a tendency to arrest and torture really whoever they want on any charge they want. I loved so much his relation with his son and its development through the time He was also a former Republican or maybe spy master or maybe just a petty conman, whatever he was he was on the police’s radar and not in the good way so he had less than positive views of the ruling regime: The foreboding darkness haunts the story, complete with foreshadowings, strange haunted old mansions, dark secrets waiting to be unearthed, feverish passions and dark past tormenting the characters, emotional epistolary confessions, menacing villains, and dark stormy nights in abundance.

View all 51 comments. View all 3 comments. There’s more I wish I tell but that’s already too much Oh my, I enjoyed his speeches so much as they felt like a small source w light in the dark atmosphere. He’d always wanted one of his children to join the Civil Guard, and none of my seven sisters would have qualified for that, despite the facial-hair problem that characterized all guiz women on my mother’s side of the family.

A Sombra Do Vento : Carlos Ruiz Zafon :

But what destiny does not do is home visits. Zafon led me through his story with such care, charming me with his beautiful vivid narration, astonishing me with deep secrets, but not letting me to feel over flooded, instead trying successfully to lure me deeper into his story.

Middle – City of Shadows. Genre is difficult to pin down. Last section – Nuria Munfort zacon the end.