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That’s it and that’s all. Whether characters had them was all based on random dice rolls and psionics didn’t really interact well with magic or the rest of the game.

What the heck is the deal psioniccs Steve and his obsession with the sense of taste? So, manifesting this power at best can cause you to turn blind unless you walk around shrieking like a bat for the duration of the power. Why the fuck couldn’t they just make one power called Sense Link and then scale the level of success such that you got to choose how many of your target’s senses you actually got to share?

The Complete Psionics Handbook – Wikipedia

I guess you could argue that someone could willingly let you leech their hit points but I don’t see that justification in the book so I’m calling bullshit on that logic.

Either way they’re pretty content to just sit around using their invisibility power to silently watch people go about their day. Steve, I feel like you really have a message you want to share about race relations, why not just come out and say it? Personally, I’d find it hard to convert a 24th level psionisist into a Rogue, I’d have thought it would virtually have been a different character?

You can make the fire look like a person or an animal and make it do an amusing dance. You are blind, and exposure to any level of light deals 1 point of damage per round.

Very specific math given to make sure that players can’t turn a profit by using this power indiscriminately.

Instead, the invisibility devotion works thusly: The power doesn’t cost anything to manifest so maybe it could be useful if you were somehow in a position where you were out of PSPs but had a surplus of hit points and needed to teleport home immediately or something. Seems oddly out of place given the relative uselessness of the rest of the powers. Asshole DMs are going to rule you automatically hit yourself with the stone which is great because if you hadn’t critically failed the power check, you still don’t automatically hit your target but whatever.


Well, what if you’re a Psionicist and you need to sneak past the sole guard to get into the goblin king’s treasure horde, but oh no, it turns out the guard is also a psionicist?

That’s half of the Psychometabolic Devotions right there, and I think I’ll spilt the other half into another post. Granted, it doesn’t do you any good in handbopk heat of combat, but neither do most of the other powers listed. You’re spot on Boz – it’s a lot of work!

The Complete Psionics Handbook

Our grading system is listed below for your perusal. If you critically fail the power check, you DIE! Fuck I’m putting way too much thought into this throw-away power. Barring that, the switch is permanent, so it’s a pretty cool way to literally become the king of the realm or whatever, provided you have something to keep you from failing those CON checks. Or, you could just play a cleric uandbook the first place and skip this pathetic waste of a power.

The Complete Psionics Handbook by Steve Winter

You get a bonus to your hiding attempts because you blend into the environment. Eldritch Wizardry Supplement IV: The Complete Psionics Handbook: Share Strength can give strength points to someone else.

A must for Dark Sun games, a nice option for other settings.

Teleport – Does what it sounds like. It’s a lot of wonky oddness for not that much benefit. The thing has to save vs acid or else be completely destroyed in one round. When attempting to use a power, the player makes a Power Check by rolling 1d20 and comparing the result to the Power Score. There’s no mechanical benefit to this you don’t age slower or require less food or water and you might not actually fall asleep for as long as you handboo, depending on your Power Score roll.


If you try to puppet them into a handobok situation walking into lava, etc. Why wasn’t this instead included in the chapter that covers the telepathy school Chapter pxionics Steve? If you botch your power roll, instead you must save vs. I’d also be interested in knowing how others handled the conversion from the old system! Are you ready for the mind-blowing potential of the psyche?

It also costs more than twice the number of PSPs to manifest this than detonate and for some reason this power allows objects to save vs disintegration with a complette save meaning the power didn’t paionics this makes the power straight up inferior to detonate because there’s a chance that the power will just fail even on objects.

Other than the fact that you have to keep spending PSPs to maintain the buff, this power isn’t actually terrible.

This power doesn’t actually heal or nullify the disease, so you’d better have a cleric on hand to heal you after you absorb their genital herpes. The only real hansbook occurs in the mind of the psionicist’s targets. They might be considered as normal as wizards and clerics or they might be shunned and persecuted because a psionicist might read someone’s mind at some point in the future and that’s equivalent to rape and regular people wouldn’t want those psionic jerks living in their town.

Body Weaponry – Turn your hanbook into a mace or your arm into a club or your dick into a gun. There’s no mechanical implementation beyond that first sentence, so I guess Steve was at least being generous enough to cut anyone dumb enough to manifest this shitty power a slight break. It stacks with Clairvoyance so you can see a degree arc into Azathoth’s bedroom. I’m aware that 2E Ghosts had the magic jar spell listed as a combat ability in the MM, but it isn’t super well explained there either.

For a certain group of people, this is not a punishing outcome at all.