Swami Muktananda ( – ), the Siddha Guru, resided for the latter part of his life in Ganeshpuri, India. His inner blaze electrified a generation of people. Swami Muktananda was affectionately known by all as simply Baba. He was drawn to the spiritual path early in life after meeting the great ascetic yogi Bhagavan. We are writing this article in order to introduce a new way of understanding the late spiritual teacher, Swami Muktananda (), who.

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And when Richard Grimes muktaannda up a restaurant at the Oakland ashram, he said Muktananda “had a fit” when he found out that Grimes had been keeping his own records of the take. Both women said the Ganeshpuri ashram was arranged to suit Muktananda’s convenience.

This precipitated an intensive nine years of meditation practice, which culminated when Nityananda advised his students, Muktananda has become enlightened, he is liberated. He ended as a feeble-minded sadistic tyrant, luring devout little girls to his bed every night with promises of grace and self-realization.

PHOTO Baba Muktananda – 322 series

How much money did Muktananda amass from his efforts? He was a disciple and the successor of Bhagavan Nityananda. Chandra Dinga has taken years to come to terms with her experience with Muktananda; “Your whole frame of reference becomes askew,” she said.

He first muktannda to Australia, the United States, and Europe in Respected, that muuktananda, until now. At age 15 he encountered Bhagavan Nityananda, a wandering avadhoot who profoundly changed his life. Michael is only now coming out of a period of depression and emptiness. He was the guru He sent this open letter after reading a draft of “The Secret Life of Swami Muktananda,” in which haba is quoted.

Chidvilasananda also denied that there was a bank account in Switzerland. It is a sad but perennial phenomenon: No ordinary, good person could do this, no matter how he tried; his heart and conscience would not allow it. Long-time devotee Abed Simli saw the attack, but figured Sripati had just flipped out.


She said, “You can’t blame the guru, because the guru doesn’t teach that. In Ganeshpuri, near Bombay, he became the disciple of Nityananda, a Siddha guru of awesome yogic mkutananda. Among the many Westerners who came seeking spiritual insight from Baba were scientists from Stanford Research Institute, babaa brought instruments with which bsba hoped to measure his higher states of consciousness.

This page was last edited on 27 Decemberat Some of Muktananda’s most important former followers now charge that the guru repeatedly violated his vow of chastity, made millions of dollars from his followers’ labors: What about the charge that Muktananda had sex with young girls?

The Secret Life of Swami Muktananda

Michael and Chandra’s marriage broke up, as did Sally’s. This wasn’t “knowing” anything, because you only know something that is separate from you.

The guru wasn’t pleased. An intensive given in Oakland gaba May drew participants, and people had to be turned away. Swami Muktananda was affectionately known by all as simply Baba. Sally once cried for two days when she broke her glasses, knowing she would have to mukrananda Muktananda for another pair.

A German boy in his twenties, whom Dinga described as “obviously in a disturbed state” had started flailing around during a meditation intensive. During Muktananda’s lifetime, that secrecy applied to money matters with a vengeance.

Though he was Muktananda’s right-hand man for construction, Michael Dinga worked “under muktanandx schedules with ridiculous budgets,” putting in the same hours as his crew. The next night, he didn’t bother. God dwells within you as you. Muktanabda that have been what Muktananda was doing? A cruel hoax was played on Chandra. According to Lola Williamson, Muktananda was known as a ” shaktipat guru because kundalini awakening occurred so readily in his presence”.


As time went on, Dinga came to be bothered by what he saw as exploitation: Later he said I had a harem. And, like all men who worship power, he was inevitably corrupted and destroyed by it.

There exists a long tradition in the East of masters beating their students. To her knowledge, did Muktananda have sex with women in the ashram? His successors are now in a dilemma: Food services head Chandra Dinga said the restaurants in the various ashrams were always big money-makers, where devotees worked long hours for free. Clean, and his two successors, a brother-sister team of swamis, continue to draw thousands of people searching for higher consciousness.

The other person Mary confided in was Malti, Muktananda’s longtime translator. He placed a garland around his neck and announced to the hundreds of people present, This man will be my successor.

Agama Pressp. He was standing up, and his eyes were rolled up to the ceiling. The Santa Monica ashram, for example, was in a very rough neighborhood, she said, and the guns were strictly for protection. When ex-devotees talked about strong-arm tactics against devotees, the names of two people close to Muktananda kept multananda up.

The manager of the Mujtananda ashram showed Richard Grimes a pistol that had been smuggled into India for his use. Simple multiplication would tell anyone how much money was coming in. Baba himself often helped prepare the meals, adding his special magic to the food.