Frederick Charles Beiser is an American author and professor of philosophy at Syracuse He has since edited two Cambridge anthologies on Hegel, The Cambridge Companion to Hegel () and The Cambridge Companion to Hegel and. Buy Hegel (The Routledge Philosophers) 1 by Frederick Beiser (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. Frederick Beiser’s Hegel ushers in a new series, ‘Routledge Philosophers.’ The list of contributing authors is a distinguished one, yet nobody.

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I agree strongly, for instance, with the notion that we can’t do away with the metaphysical dimension of Hegel’s thought, and that it needs to be a key to understand much of what he was heyel.

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On the whole, it is difficult to disagree with the idea that this book will indeed do what it sets out to do. Beiser bluntly dispels the myth of thesis-antithesis-synthesis, but it seems to hold implicitly for each chapter. The greatest virtue of the book is that it not only tries to single out ideas in Hegel that are relevant to our interests nowadays, but also situates them in their original conceptual and historical context, i.

I am definitely not qualified to pass judgment on his resolution of any of the interpretive questions that he discusses. Philosophy students will need to go on to more focussed books Houlgate is good for the next level hegsl, but this is a rich, interesting study that you’ll wish other scholars emulated.



From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Although beiiser and thorough in his treatment, Beiser does omit a few things, notably the Logic and philosophy of nature. Beiser is exceptional at encouraging a generous but critical eye on Hegel.

By what Beiser calls a historical This book claims to be an introduction to Hegel’s thought, but is well beyond that. It performs its function very well; a thoughtful and well chosen bibliography, selected particularly with the student in mind, testifies to the success of its pedagogical intentions. Thanks for telling us about the problem. beised

Luke Brennan rated it really liked it Jun 04, You can read, similarly, attraction criticises upon Hegel’s thoughts and other philosophers impress -like Spinoza and Kant- on the philosophy of Hegel. Views Read Edit View history.

Hegel by Frederick C. Beiser

Beiser tells us that he had shelved early ambitions to write a commentary on Hegel’s Phenomenology when he learned of H. Pretty interesting and well written introduction to Hegel.

Beiser says that he hdgel to provide not so much exegesis as a comprehensive overview aimed primarily at the first-time reader.

The genre certainly possesses a commendable stress on correctness, on getting things right. Shimer College Catalog It is of a piece with the other chief strategy Beiser champions, that is, a resolutely metaphysical take on Hegel. In hgel book, Beiser sought to reconstruct the background of German Idealism through the narration of the story of the Spinoza or Pantheism controversy.

The objections and concerns raised in this review, when considered in light of the overall quality of the text, are minor quibbles and reflections on what is undoubtedly an exemplary achievement.


At the same time, I felt he introduced new readings of specific theore I really enjoyed reading this. I didn’t find myself lost at any point, even when I couldn’t wrap my head Pretty interesting and well written bfiser to Hegel.

Open Preview See a Problem? It have good enough writings and parts about Hegel’s metaphysics, religious thoughts, epistemology, political views and historical thought which these are very important subject matters of Hegel. The result is in my judgment little short of a triumph. Many of the central difficulties that Hegel and others of the time were trying to navigate at the time are set forward with clear and almost analytic precision, yet the book does not seem to sacrifice careful and nuanced interpretation to simplicity of style.

Hegel hwgel one of the major philosophers of the nineteenth century.

Frederick C. Beiser

Frederick Beiser’s Hegel ushers in a new series, ‘Routledge Philosophers. At the same time, I felt he introduced new readings of specific theoretical questions doing a good job presenting the conflicting viewpoints and defending his interpretation with interesting arguments as well textual references. Beiser even makes the vaulting ideas about Geist less daunting and alien.

Jan 18, Hadad heydari rated it it was amazing.