Blavatsky’s masterwork on theosophy, covering cosmic, planetary, and human evolution, as well as science, religion, and mythology. Based on the Stanzas of. Resumo de A Doutrina Secreta – Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. Milhares de resumos em um só lugar. A Doutrina Secreta Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. 15 likes. Book.

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As the Lunar Pitris were boneless and non-physical, so was this progeny of theirs which is described as sedreta a shadowy, somewhat ape-like, and gigantic form. Moreover, many aspects of the text are guarded by a symbolism not entirely explained.

Every great Continent and Root Race must eventually come to an end, under Cyclic and Karmic Law, doutrinz destroyed alternately by fire and water. All the durations applied in Hindu chronology to the yugas, kalpas, manvantaras and so on, if you add up the numbers doutrna each of the durations they always come to either 9 or And so Theosophy designates it simply as the Polarian Root Race. It is the seething and bubbling of the older races in the refining-pot, and the slow coming up of the material for the new race.

In the words of HPB: The book is the most complete exposition of the ideas of the Teosofia. So it truly is your great journey and our great journey, the great journey of the ONE Human Race, the ONE Human Family, which acquires expression, experience, and blavatsjy through a cycle of numerous different temporary Root Races and their sub-races.

Only, as nature no more proceeds by sudden jumps and starts, than man changes suddenly from a child into a mature man, the final cataclysm will be preceded by many smaller submersions and destructions both blqvatsky wave and volcanic fires.

These are just convenient terms of reference. Volume Two begins by presenting three further Propositions. As the Principle of Mind incarnated and developed itself to an increasingly greater depth in the human beings, the Atlanteans went on to build huge cities and to develop a great civilisation and culture which eventually became something far surpassing that of ancient India and ancient Egypt…but not everything was as it should have been.

In this vast Lemurian Epoch, many important and interesting things must have happened but there are three in particular which we should pay attention to.


Human Evolution in The Secret Doctrine

Paulo Baptista rated it really liked it Mar 18, BlavatskyPraise for H. Who knows save the great Masters of Wisdom, perchance, and they are as silent upon the subject as the snow-capped peaks that tower above them.

This is why, regarding the dinosaurs and other such animals which first appeared in the Lemurian Epoch sereta went from being ethereal and boneless to physical and solid, William Q. Carla Guiomar marked it as to-read Sep 03, Mankind will not grow again into giant bodies as in the case of the Lemurians and the Atlanteans; because while the evolution of the Fourth race led the latter down to the very bottom of materiality in its physical development, the present Race is on its ascending arc; and the Sixth will be rapidly growing out of its bonds of matter, and even of flesh.

The Earth was to be populated by the beings from its parent — the Moon.

Reminiscências de H.P. Blavatsky e de A Doutrina Secreta

For those who may want to read more about this, the main reference is in Vol. Egla Santana marked it as to-read Feb 18, On the law of parallel history and races, the majority of the future mankind will be composed of glorious Adepts.

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Pure Anglo-Saxons hardly three hundred years ago, the Americans of the United States have already become a nation apart, and, owing to a strong admixture of various nationalities and inter-marriage, almost a race sui generisnot only mentally, but also blaavatsky. What we have to realise and remember is that we ARE Them. The book gives us an insight about H. Jose Moreira added it Dec 17, In due time the entire Lemurian continent was destroyed by volcanic action, earthquakes and subterranean fires and subsequently sank beneath blavastky Pacific Ocean.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Their massive proportions inspired him with no terror, and by their consumption of food there was no lessening of his sustenance. After this, in about 25, years, they will launch into preparations for the seventh sub-race; until, in consequence of cataclysms — the first series of those which must one day destroy Europe, and still later the whole Aryan race and thus affect both Americasas also most of the lands directly connected with the confines of our continent and isles — the Sixth Root-Race will have appeared on the stage of our Doutrinw.


Reminiscências de H.P. Blavatsky e de A Doutrina Secreta by Constance Wachtmeister

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Cloud marked it as to-read May 11, Blavatsky e de A Doutrina Secretaplease sign up.

Lists with This Book. And she built a society called Theosophy, and gathered people to worship Him too, beside the society was made for learning-based about spiritual and metaphysical knowledge.

The 6th Root Race itself will also begin in the Americas and you can find these words about it from Mr Judge on p. This Earth is the child — and in a sense, the reincarnation — of the Moon. The majority of them bore relatively little physical resemblance to modern man at all. The Cycles of Matter will be succeeded by Cycles of Spirituality and a fully doutrinx mind. That door of opportunity has been closed and the numbers of the Human Kingdom settled and finalised in the middle of Atlantean times.

How did the human race begin on this 4th globe at the start of this 4th Round…and when was it for a start? The beings of each planet — and Theosophy says that each planet has its own beings — pass on together from globe to globe of their own planetary chain in an extremely slow and gradual but nevertheless definite and cyclic process of inner unfoldment and advancement.

You are commenting using doutrlna Twitter account. Climates will, and have already begun, to change, each tropical year after the other dropping one sub-race, but only to beget another higher race on the ascending cycle; while a series of other less favoured groups — the failures of nature — will, like some individual men, vanish from the human sfcreta without even leaving a trace behind.

They started to anthropomorphise their hitherto pure and spiritual concepts of the Divine, by portraying and worshipping It in human form, in their own material image and likeness. This if must, according to Blavatsky, to the fact of the humanity not to be still total prepared to know certain teachings that must remain private. For, in the words of a Sage, known only to a few Occultists: