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The bird used as the basis for the original description of the female in winter plumage of this species was taken by McKay at Nushagak, November 16, Almost every rock-walled gulch along the head-: It was attracted by the light in the tent at night and c-ame about several of our camps near the mouth of the Nushagak River and on Beeharof Lake.

Later, members of the party saw foxes on several occiisions on Becharof Lake and at Cold Bay, whore several specimens were taken.

They were found as usual huddled closely together on a slippery, spray-washed rock, apparently oblivious of brownwville, and showing no particular interest in life. C’ope records the species from IndianoU. Two specimens were taken at Ugashik by MrKay Sopteml er 11, Specimens were taken at Nushagak and at Ugashik by McKay.

One was shot on Swan Lake August 18 by one of our natives. Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can’t offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed.

Although permanent snows had not yet come, the birds were rapidly losing the dark sunmier plumage, so that as they rested on the browned vegetation, their white browneville were very wnspicuous, and could tebrw Ixi seen and recognized though more than a mile away on the mountain side. Lepiu americanus dalli Merriam. They were not in large flocks, but in parties of 10 to 20, or very fre- quently in twos and threes.


It was a female mallard, and lay on the brown mud bank, strewn with dead grass and teebra matter, which blended perfectly with the markings of its back. They are said to breed on many of the islands in Lake Iliamna. It was taken July 3,which would indicate its breeding in the vicinity.

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A few unmistakable tree swallows were seen in company with flocks of violet-green swallows at Iliamna Village July 13 to Without being solicited, our guide, Zachar, a very intelligent native from Keejik village, described this species. Symphoriairpos lotiffi floras f. The obvious reason is that by growing particular crops it points remote from the usual sources of supply, and at the same time ranvflh leiitly near a market the cost of transportation Is greatly reduced and the proU correspomlingly increased.

Our camp at the mouth of the ‘hulitna River was situated in a grove of birch and oplar. One was taken at Nushagak by McKay May 2, These may, however, have been the young of the large brown bear. Rice and sugar cane are standard crops of the semitropical coast region, and cotton is the staple for the whole Lowa Sonoran zone, wherever the rainfall is sufficient to mature the crop or water is available for irrigation.


Brownsville Couple Arrested for Having Oral Sex in Park

In McKay took four specimens at Nushagak. Willow ptarmigan were found along the Kakhtul and Malchatna whenever we went into the open tundra beyond the timber immedi- ately bordering tebta rivers.

The catalogue of the U. A specimen in immature plumage was taken at the forks of the upper Chulitna River August From this point down to Nushagak flocks were seen brownsvillw.

Another was beard on the Chulitna River early in August, and this ended our experience with woodpeckers. Earlier in the season, through late tluly and early August, we often heard the whirr of their wings at night near camp, as well as their half- croaking, half -rattling cry which seems to be an invariable and per haps involuntary accompaniment of their flight.

After this late none were seen. It is most interesting to watch an old she bear with cubs.

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One very tiny little fellow was found one cold, rainy evening, doubtless having wandered so far from tbra nest that he was unable to find his wav back. One speci- iiH’n was taken at Nushagak as late as September Antra fialin us psallria. One of these stragglers was taken by Johnson at Nushagak as late as November 5.

A pair and two young able to fly were tebr in possession of an islet near the middle of Lake Clark.