Cancer Ward: A Novel (FSG Classics) [Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Nicholas Bethell, David Burg] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Cancer Ward [Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. BRAND NEW, Exactly same ISBN as listed, Please double check. Cancer ward [Aleksandr Isaevich Solzhenitsyn] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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At the bottom of the article, feel free to list any sources that support your changes, so that we can fully understand their context. It had probably begun by running lightly up the steps out of curiosity, not knowing then what a cruel, obsessional thing it was. This book is about a cancer ward in Russia in the s. One is cancer and its treatment. While there, he fell desperately ill to a cancer that had not been diagnosed while he was in the labor camps.

Paperbacksolzhenitayn. But what I read stuck with me for many years. The hero of the novel is Oleg Kostolgotov who has gone from being a soldier on the frontline of Russia’s fight against the invading Nazi armies during world War II to a political prisoner doomed to destruction for falling foul of Stalin’s psychopathic system to a cancer patient lingering in a rundown hospital He lives life to the full howevereven in this seemingly gloomy clinic.

But Oleg somehow did not recognize it. Most of the doctors in the clinic, are women here, a low -paying profession then, the head physician is, of course a man, but does Oleg have the right, solhzenitsyn of wagd serious illness, to dream about his future, with a family of his own, to love? I think here he is reaching for the role of a modern day Tolstoy – the author as prophet and cult figure, perhaps uniquely writers have the potential to re-form their communities of readers, fortunately maybe few try to do so.


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Don’t have a Kindle? Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted, and if it meets our criteria, we’ll add it to the article. Nice one, Mom and Dadthe famous nuclear holocaust TV movie with Steve Guttenberg and Jason Robards, she took to hiding in our basement bathroom, the darkest room in the house, jamming a towel along the crack at the bottom of the door and teaching herself how to do everything blind.

Written over 50 years ago before his exile and more ambitious work, The Cancer Ward tells cancfr story of a varied handful of cancer patients and their medical caregivers over a short period in the immediate post Stalin USSR. Just as there is beauty in the deaths that will come to us all.

Cancer Ward

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Apr 23, Ammara Abid rated it it was amazing Shelves: Place Published New York.

At what point do you cut the cord? I got the feeling I didn’t really want to live any more The cancer ward described in the novel has been described as a microcosm of Soviet society in the s, and that seems to ring true.

Cancer Ward : Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn :

Semi-autobiographical novel, political fiction. I know this is a sensitive enough topic, but personally myself I don’t agree with that. Cancer Ward … hmmm… Oh, Cancer Ward…. This is an extremely well written, slow paced story of the daily life of patients and employees at a cancer ward somewhere in an Asian Soviet republic inwith the soviet mindset, customs, oppression and resignation, coupled with fear of soolzhenitsyn.

As a cancer survivor I can definitely say that he has the issues in place. There is tremendous beauty in that. Chapter 30, The Old Doctor.


His solzhenitsyyn do not depress me, I find them powerful and hopeful documents to th “Well, what have we here? And yet, there is life to live. There was a problem with your submission. Finally, Oleg gets in, nine beds in two rowsseparated by an aisle in the middle of the roomall the men are dispirited and quiet, except a youthwho is moaning by the corner, unheeded, slowly dying. Education doesn’t make you smarter.

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About one hundred pages. It was real for my sister too.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Matters are more organic — the effects of the Purge, the show trials — they are returning– as the metaphysical meaning of Remission becomes palpableeven rendered upon the very flesh of the sick. This book is just so human. It suffers, even as Cold war condemnation of the Soviet Union, in comparison to The Foundation Pit or Moscow Stations – though admittedly Moscow Stations central message of alcoholism as a means of opting out of everything is not culturally or temporally specific.

The Cancer Ward

Contact our editors with your feedback. The filth and rot of Yefrem Podduyev ‘s hungry soul responded to the erudite words of the Tolstoyan thought of love while reading one of his books. To end a glum review of a dark book on a positive note: