That may sound like a question from the future, but after using Shining Technology’s CitiDISK HDV hard drive recording system, we know you’ll. With its small form-factor, high-capacity and rugged design, CitiDISKā„¢ HD is ideally suited with tape, or with CitiDISK HDV’s REC button without tape. Taiwanese company Shining Technology’s CitiDISK HDV, an aggressively priced external hard disk line that automatically detects incoming.

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MOV worked flawlessly so that gave me hope. When switching modes, things can get complicated in a hurry. Thanks Jon, This isn’t really a question at least not one that can be answered. I contacted the owner again and again was issued an RMA – sent it away and earlier this week got drive number 3. The time now is You say you still record high definition on tape? In DV mode there’s no problem. We have a citidisk dv unit as well and its has the same internal stuff, just a different name on the outside.

I have 3 ADS pryo drives, same as the citidisk. February 20th, Or maybe I’m missing something. Upon first using it there is a litle switch you need to turn on in the back using a pen tip or paper clip to turn on the internal battery – when I moved it to the on position, it snapped off – no big deal but pretty cheap if you ask me No more worries about a dropout ruining your only good take.

Shining Technology CitiDisk HDV 320gb Dte Drive

I record about an hour of footage no problem, sync to my computer, copy the footage down and begin placing them on the time line and then I notice there are random clips of just mosaic noise, and then with the clips that do work, every few of them has a weird humming noise in it which I never experience. With the second citidisk I got I started right away recording the internal battery switch did not break this time!


So, I’ve been looking for a disk to store the HDV signal and which fits the needs of wildlife videography. Canon expected to release at least one more generation of DSLRs.

Shining Technology CitiDISK HDV – Studio Daily

To switch to Quicktime mode, select the green hdg. CitiDISK chops long footages into smaller parts, and each part is just fine. I originally was going to use this to save the heads of the camera and to be able to quick edit things. The device has been extremely reliable although most of the time I don’t put a tape into the camcorder at all.

So here is my full fledged review of the Citidisk HDV; I recieved the gb model citidksk little before christmas and I also ordered their extended battery which was OOS and didnt come in until early january. Notify me of new posts by email.

Is an added attachment needed to do this, or is the mount on the citidisk somewhat universal for these type of batteries? And since FireWire seems to be such a standard for video, it feels quite familiar.

Shining Technology CitiDISK HDV GB External FWHDV B&H

I citidism customer support the owner and he gave me an RMA and I sent it back and a few weeks later got a new one with the extended battery. Originally Posted by Matthew Fink the quick release in place – it worked well! DV Info Net also encourages you to support local businesses and citidjsk from an authorized dealer in your neighborhood.


I then took this data back to hfv company and asked for a refund on return of the unit as it definitely did not suit my application and they complied. I haven’t had any problems with the drives. You can fit approximately six and a half hours on the GB drive. Considering I still shoot a ton of DV. If you need the extra juice though, external batteries are available.

Lauri, you mention that you’re using the citidisk with your Canon XLH1 batteries.

I hope that it isn’t too many questions at once. I tried every file format and finally found that. The FS-4 is otherwise fine, but it’s bit large, and also, the external power has citixisk be at least 12 V. Something was wrong with the file format – since the device is fat32 it break large files into “seamless” 2gb file, approx 9 minutes each. An added advantage is the ability for bus-powered operation. Two drones intentionally shut down a major UK airport.

How does it support the pyro drive? It would make sense if one of the re-packagers of the citididk model would be less stable than the original, but in this case it seems as if one of the spin-offs is better than it’s supplier.

New to the fray is the Orange button, which gives you instant playback options. In this segment, we