Top Categories · Home» » docbkx-maven-plugin. Docbkx Maven Plugin. A Maven plugin for generating HTML from DocBook. documentation you’re trying to generate as it exists in the . We have a bit more complex usage since we use the maven filtering plugin to. xalan xalan docbkx-maven-plugin ${project. version} site generate-html pre-site k docbook-xml runtime ant ant -trax.

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A Maven plugin for generating manpages output from DocBook documents, using version 1. A Maven pugin for generating epub3 output from DocBook documents, using version 1. The fact that it is plain old XML just makes it a very interesting candidate for completely automating your document generation. Once you have done that, you can refer to this font in the plugin parameters or in customization stylesheets you created yourself.

The plugin solves this by mapping entities to values defined in your POM. For more detailed information on these customizable properties, please consult the online plugin documentation.

The plugins provided in this project act differently: The result looks like: Well, this is somewhat unexpected because I didn’t change anything but the plugin version, and I don’t see any reason it could not work as before.

Docbkx Tools

I set up the docbkx-maven-plugin to generate PDF documentation for a source project. Jason, thanks for gemerate feedback. PDF has built-in support for a number of fonts. There are a number of projects using this mechanism that you can review and copy the usage of.

Is there any configuration not provided, yet, which will start the plugin to do some work? See highlighted lines in this XSL snippet:. So here is why: It does however demonstrate how you could include your own scripts to be executed right before or right after the DocBook to output format transformation.


The DocBook plugin at mojo. Every goal every output format defines its own collection of customizable properties. You should not be required to install additional stuff to your hard disk in order to generate content from your DocBook sources. Here are some links that should help you get started:. See this or this post for related comments. SeamListener not found Categories java 43 Tech 35 Uncategorized 1 web 2. You can use the following command to manually run the plugin for purpose of testing: I think that issue should be clearly noted with the docbkx-maven-plugin Maven plugin, because in the end it is an incompatability between versions 2.


Instead of being a reference guide, this document is intended to get you started, and at least to get some flavour of the scope of this plugin. I managed to find my own post here which genetate referenced, and a solution! Simply adding a reference generatf the plugin in your POM should be sufficient. So, would it not be awesome if we could refer to the Maven version number from within our DocBook source document?

In order to do this you will have dodbkx make an empty at least stylesheet customization layer and just point to the profiling stylesheet of the official docbook distribution. Once you have these metrics files, embedding the font in your PDF document is a breeze. The Eclipse help format allows your documentation to be accessible into the Eclipse platform as a Plugin. The JavaHelp format combined with its java based framework will allow you to create professional online help systems from your documentations.

The only operation needed to enable it into Eclipse platform is to create a directory inside the ‘plugins’ directory of your Eclipse installation using the same name as the ‘eclipsePluginId’ The help will then be available inside the menu named ‘Help contents’. Rick-Rainer Ludwig 1, 1 18 To do so, we use the docbkx-maven-plugin in the project’s nightly build. No matter what goal s I specify or what includes I provide, the plugin performs no!


This may seem odd to you, since 1 Maven 2 is supposed to support DocBook natively, relying on Doxia, and 2 there is already another DocBook plugin at mojo. Your latest example contains two includes configuration options which is not valid maven configuration. This makes it easy to ship documentation with the source and lets you keep versions of documentation doxbkx sync with the product version.

docbkx-maven-plugin: No output during run of plugin – Stack Overflow

This is what I have now: A Maven plugin for generating eclipse output from DocBook documents, using version 1. You can use these HTML tags. The plugin defines a dedicated processing instruction for inserting Maven properties. It’s not unlikely that you want to replace those fonts with something else.

Just take a look here and compare it with yours: The remainder of gfnerate document will broken up into several pieces, depending on the policies you specified with customization properties. This sample shows how to skip the plugin execution in an easy way.

In the parent pom I specified the version to be used as well as the reference to the docbook version to use:. In that case you can simply link ,aven stylesheet to all HTML pages generated by addding the htmlStylesheet property, like shown below.

The highlightXslthlConfig attribute can be used to configure xslthl to add new highlighters,