Dunblane Unburied has 7 ratings and 1 review. Lisa said: Very interesting read! Very brave of Sandra to delve into it all. Only wish more would listen to. Dunblane Unburied has members. The recent paedophile scandals involving MPs in the Tory Government of the s has rekindled interest in the truth. On March 13, , in Dunblane, Scotland, 16 children ages 5 and 6 were shot to Her book, “Dunblane Unburied,” tells us the following.

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Malcolm Chisholm states that he did not touch anything until Gould had checked for a booby-trap. Those who complained unburird him were threatened with libel suits.

StolenKids-Dunblane: – DUNBLANE UNBURIED by Sandra UTTLEY

As a result of my MS however, I have a hearing and a speech problem, which results in my words often sounding slurred. Attached to AD2 is a note addressed to Sergeant Binning? Now, you knew him as a customer to speak to, I suppose, if you met him in the street? Mrs Harrild did not see who it was because she had taken refuge in a storeroom. Mrs Blake was then shot but also managed to reach the store, ushering some children in ahead of her.

One for conspiracy theorists perhaps? Mr Taylor knburied he did not know the number of the local police station, so it would have had to be a call.

Cullen is a Mason with a duty to protect brother Masons. Despite the presence of police and journalist witnesses, I was not charged with breach of the peace, nor did Hamilton press charges against me. Mr Hamilton asked me these questions every single week. Photographs of the boys, which could have been innocuous, could have dunb,ane the same purpose as pornography.


Dunblane Unburied

Hamilton did not need to ask one of his boys for directions in the school. The van appeared to be very new and was very clean. As he stood watching his son play in the Wendy House, the Deputy Head of the school approached him.

Janet and I made a make-shift table and used sleepers as seats.

They Shoot Children, Don’t They? A Retrospective on Dunblane, 18 Years On | Gumshoe News

Her first run commenced at hours and concluded at hours, taking exactly 16 minutes. Yet David Gould, army bomb disposal officer, describes the bag as 15cm by 35cm, in other words, quite a small bag. The Ogilvies only knew him through his car, nuburied had the STV logo on it.

Furthermore, his post-mortem showed a parchmented yellow based abrasion measuring 3mm x 5mm. That was the group where the teacher Gwen Mayor was that died.

I was as friendly as Dumblane was with anybody. Later editions did not carry the item and the newspaper denies that it ever published that fact. Amazon should seriously consider why they are promoting it and ensure it is not linked to other books about shooting. One boy at the club, William Unburide, received a medal for gymnastics that night.


According to Campbell, Hamilton had boys at his shop at the weekends to wash his van or before they went away on camps.

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His death followed quickly no witness said this Mrs Mayor and 15 children lay dead in the gym and one further child was close to death. Two homosexuals have committed suicide within the last four weeks after being confronted by police, who had installed a spy camera at public toilets allegedly used by homosexuals as a meeting place in Beechwood Park, Stirling, near Stirling High School.

As I was about to enter the alcove, which allows entry to the school at the library, I was only a few steps away, I became aware of a man on the raised verandah at the fire exit door to the gym. Was the custom-built foresight accidently replaced with a muzzle-weight?

This was 70mm to the left of midline. And did you have further cause to interview Hamilton in the course of that enquiry? They were very scared, so I chatted with them and told them I would leave my lantern with them.

According to Chisholm, a custom-built foresight had been attached instead. Central Scotland Police had total control of the Dunblane Dunblaje. It would normally have finished about 9.