Aptos Creek and West Ridge Trail Loop to Top of the Incline and Sand Point Overlook. MODERATE(94). The Forest of Nisene Marks State Park. In winters, the hiking trails in Forest of Nisene Marks are gorgeous, making any 18 and 21 miles long, even though visually, they look very different on a map. Nisene Marks mountain biking trails near Aptos, California. Soquel Demonstration State Forest, 9, km nisene marks activity log | embed map of Nisene Marks mountain bike trails | nisene marks mountain biking points of interest.

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Pass the Ridge Connection Trail on your left. An extra mile and we would call it a day, returning to the trailhead. But, keep following the most worn trail and you will be fine. Bay Area California Hike. This makes the run A bit longer than advertised right now as you have to hike a mile or so from where you park on Aptos Creek Road the non-paved portion was inaccessible by car, I think that opens up in the summer.

The park is named for Nisene Marks, a nature lover and mother of the Salinas farming family that purchased the land in the hopes of finding oil.

Toby B on Vienna Woods Trail. The hike itself is not too strenuous uphill and the old downed tree is really cool.

Best Trails in The Forest of Nisene Marks State Park – California | AllTrails

Pass the Big Stump Gap Trail on your left. Bottom of the Incline. Lots of cool little spots to hang out. Go one mile to Aptos Creek Road. Inspiration for outdoors ideas, family fun, travel destinations I didn’t foresr a screenshot of the map but fortunately my friend’s phone worked. May 28, at 5: The Forest of Nisene marks is a monument to forest regeneration and the future – it is a forest in the state of becoming.


The scenery is fine but not as nice as other second-growth redwood parks. But West Ridge Trail is the first singletrack you come to, and it’s marked with a “no bikes” picture sign, you can’t miss it. You might also like Nisene Marks connects with another popular park, the Soquel Demonstration State Forest, a property that’s being actively logged and that has a trail system mainly intended for mountain biking.

Support My First Triathlon for Camfed. Unexpectedly the kids enjoyed most this most challenging part of the hike, an adventure-course type trek through a narrowing canyon hopping over rocks, forewt the river several times without bridge and crawling under fallen trees and over land slides to the bottom of the gorge where Maple Falls are finally revealed behind a big boulder.

A good flowing trail network will have most trails flowing in a single direction according to their intension. If you are hiking with young children, drive all the way to the top.

Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park.

Poison oak is especially common throughout the park. Dec 19, ride log.

The California State Parks department later expanded the park to 10, acres. Redwood Chic in Santa Cruz. Dec 24, August 26, at 9: But West Ridge Trail is the first singletrack you come to, and it’s marked with a “no bikes” sign, so you nisenee miss it.


Forest of Nisene Marks | Santa Cruz

We enjoyed it as long as we could before walking back through Bridge Creek Trail. Outdoor activities with a healthy dose of curiosity, brought to you by Laure Latham.

You get random service areas too on Verizon. Clocked it around 9 miles. Today, the park showcases a forest in recovery, with rugged canyons and remnants of its once-bustling railroad and logging industry.

Fire Road Aptos Creek

The following two tabs change content below. This narrow singletrack trail passes the site of the Loma Prieta earthquake. Videos of Nisene Marks Mountain Bike youtuber The canyon has more variety and better redwoods than most trails in Nisene Marks.

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The Forest of Nisene Marks State Park

Land Trust of Santa Cruz County. Back at your car! Moist, cool sea breezes made it comfortable. Amrks at least 2 quarts of water, as there is none there. You get the best creek crossing and a picnic table next to it to enjoy the area with lots of little loops and places for kids to explore.