Trend dan punca penggunaan dadah di kalangan penagih dadah Jurnal Antidadah Malaysia (Malaysian Anti-Drugs Journal), 2 (2). pp. Faktor penagihan dadah dalam kalangan penagih dadah wanita di PUSPEN Bachok, Penjara Kajang dan Jurnal Antidadah Malaysia, 6 (2). Pengajaran penyalahgunaan dadah dalam kalangan pelajar tingkatan empat Jurnal Antidadah Malaysia, 5 (1). ISSN

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Keywords Drugs inmates; women; the experience of drug addiction; family relationships. Trend dan punca penggunaan dadah di kalangan penagih dadah wanita di negeri Sabah: Therefore, this study aims to identify the extent of the level of knowledge of the drug, especially in relation to the differences of attitudes in terms of physical effects, hindering behaviors, involvement in drug-related activities and information on how to distribute, attitude towards self and future, and risk factors amongst students who did take drugs as compared to who never took it.

This study is conducted by survey using questionnaire which have four sections as research instruments. Laman Web Statistik Penyalahgunaan Dadah http: Needle syringe exchange program in Malaysia.

Correlative aspects of adolescent substance abuse and self-esteem.

MyJurnal – Malaysian Citation Centre

Academic performance, popularity, and depression predict adolescent substance use. Parental Awareness of Adolescent Substance Use. European Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience. Young people and substance use; the influence of personal, social and environmental factors on substance use among adolescents in Scotland.


British Journal of Addiction. Trend dan punca penggunaan dadah di kalangan penagih dadah wanita di negeri Sabah: Could the peer group explain school differences in pupil smoking rates?

More than fifty percent students also agreed that drug education session in school done effectively. Ddadah results of the study showed that Education, Prevention and Policy.

Understanding drug selling in Communities: Journal of Affective Disorders. Diakses pada 20 Februari Chemical Dependency in Women: Wan Mohd Fazli Wan Yusop.

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Journal of youth and adolescence, 45 9 Jurnal Jabatan Sejarah Universiti Malaya.

Pengajaran penyalahgunaan dadah dalam kalangan pelajar tingkatan empat

The impact on parents and siblings. Impact of substance abuse on academic performance among adolescent students of colleges of education in Kwara State, Nigeria. The relationship between the age of onset for delinquent behavior and chronic drug abuse among adolescents Penahihan abstract View references 7 Sabitha Marican; Mahmood Nazar Mohamed; Rosnah Ismail. College of Arts and Sciences.


Among the reasons for using drugs is because they were curious of its effects. The influence of drug-related partners would have a bad effect on other teens, especially teenagers who are at risk. Drugs in the family: Adolescent substance use following participation in a universal drug prevention program: Family Resilience and Good Child Outcomes: Peranan kerohanian dalam menangani gejala dadah.

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This research used quantitative method and cross-sectional survey. Journal of Educational Psychology and Counseling, 2, This research also recommends that drug education in school be improved by using variety of teaching and learning techniques by teachers.

A Gender Based Comparison. Remaja dan penyalahgunaan Dadah: Adolescence, 38 American Journal on Addictions.